Muppet- Babies Themed Disney Junior Play Date at La Plaza

Who doesn’t want their children to have some fun? If you are one such parent, rush to La Plaza Mall in McAllen,  which is a haven of comfort for children belonging to all ages. The present-day parents believe in their kids spending quality time doing the best activity that gives fun to their body and entertains their eyes. Your kid can have fun at the La Plaza mall in your city McAllen, which is going to host a playdate event for children.

Gone are the days when the kids used to search for happiness in traditional plays. This wonderful McAllen event-Muppet- Babies Themed Disney junior plate date, will help the young brains work at lightning speed to comprehend the concept of imaginative play. Since they are under the strict guidance of nannies, they will view a safe demonstration of recreated, muppet characters with much curiosity. They will amuse by wonderful muppet characters like Kermit the frog- Jim Henson’s creation, Fozzie bear and many more.

Are you curious to know when this event is going to happen? Let me tell you that the playdate is going to start by 11 AM on 31st this month! In addition to this lovely playdate event, this show is all set to entertain elders as well. Along with this Muppet Babies junior play date, there are many events like face painting, shape and color bingo game to make the day enjoyable to the elders in the family.

Event:  Muppet- Babies Themed Disney Junior Play Date at La Plaza

Date: March 31st, 2018

Time: From 11 AM

Place: La Plaza, McAllen, Texas


Mar 31 2018


11:00 AM
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